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 1. Clean, Lean, and Green Tea
Today, scientific studies have confirmed many of the belief's about green tea that have made it a popular beverage and madicinal tonic. It is with this that green tea extract is gaining popularity for its variety of health benefits.
 2. Ending the Free Radical Protest
Free radicals were protesting in the 1960's and early 1970's, but they pretty much quieted down when Nixon resigned. However, the type of errant free radicals that cavort in your body causing all sorts of long-term damage can only be disarmed and silenced through antioxidants.
 3. Green Tea Quiz
Test Your Knowledge About Green Tea
 4. Thinning Out the Thinners
There are natural products on the market that help in many fields of weight loss. The ever-present question: Which ones work?

Primal Instinct (pheromones) Primal Instinct (pheromones) $20.98
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Organic Vitamin C Spray - Cherry Tangerine Organic Vitamin C Spray - Cherry Tangerine $12.99
Turmeric Formula Turmeric Formula $26.99
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