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Clean, Lean, and Green Tea Quiz

Test Your Knowledge About Green Tea

  1. What type of drinking tea comes from the Camellia Sinesis
    a. Green tea
    b. Black tea
    c. Oolong tea
    d. All of the Above
  2. Green tea originated in which country?
    a. Japan
    b. Korea
    c. China
    d. India
  3. What is one recommended serving of green tea extract?
    a. 500 mg
    b. 1000 mg
    c. 40 mg
    d. 250 mg
  4. The amount of caffeine in green tea when compared to a cup of coffee is:
    a. the same
    b. about half
    c. none
    d. twice as much
  5. The limited enzymatic change in green tea as opposed to that in black tea is due to the fact that green tea:
    a. has a different texture than black tea
    b. is left in the sun for longer
    c. is not fermented
    d. is green

Answers can be found at the end of this article.

Answers: 1. d; 2. c; 3. a; 4. b; 5. c

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This article is reprinted with permission from Vitamin Retailer magazine and is provided for educational purposes only by your local retailer. No part of this article is intended as medical advice. Always consult your health care provider for any medical problems.

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