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Glucose: The Sweet Killer!

A Feel 21, Inc. Health Report

If you're reading this, it is safe to assume that you live in a relatively well-developed country with a stable infrastructure thus allowing for an Internet connection. Or a friend that lives in one of these aforementioned countries printed this article out for you because he/she saw my name and recognized my genius in the field. (My therapist said I needed more self-affirming in my diet.)

While you probably don't fall into the latter (I can dream can't I!), you most assuredly have some connection to the former. Now we can say, since you are reading this article on this site, that you are concerned about your health. This is either by doctor's orders or a growing concern that may perhaps be based on personal experience, family history, or witnessing an associate's difficulties maintaining his/her health. Whatever the reason, good for you! Are you still with me? Wondering where I'm going with all of this? Well, you must have read the title on the homepage -- or the Newsletter -- and been intrigued. Right? After all, "Glucose: The Sweet Killer!" is a grabber (Demographic studies have been done to establish draw and interest. While glucose is aimed at one group, it can alienate some readers. This is where Sweet Killer comes into play. Both words have proven to possess drawing power. Why do you think candy and video games go so well together! Simply put, if you weren't grabbed by the title there's something wrong! Or, I'm just making this up as I go along.). Anyway, you have a vested interest in the topic for some reason or another. You are, or are trying hard not to become, a diabetic.

It's a harsh word. It stirs up images of needles and injections, ulcerated wounds, blindness. The list goes on (more information can be found at The American Diabetes Association Website). Needless to say maintaining blood sugar levels within the normal range is critical to good health, whether you are diabetic or not. Of course, living in a developed country means constant exposure to less-than-healthy foods. Granted a piece of pie or a candy bar is good every now and then. All things in moderation, right? Not necessarily so for diabetics. The balance that is maintained in a healthy body with insulin and glucogen is not maintained in a diabetic's body. The sugar levels can run high, dangerously high, and lead to serious complications (again refer to ADA for more information).

People diagnosed with either Type I or Type II Diabetes have to do all they can to control their blood sugar levels. It's not just diabetics who should be concerned though. Diabetes can manifest in people with poor diet and exercise habits.

In recent years studies have been done to develop drugs that can aid in the maintenance of blood sugar levels. Natural remedies have also been explored to help combat glucose levels. The resultant product is Glucos-Balance. The primary ingredient is Corosolic Acid.

The following is from a clinical study conducted by Dr. William V. Judy at the Southeastern Institute of Biomedical Research, Bradenton, Florida. The study was designed to assess the effects of Corosolic Acid on non-diabetics and Type II diabetics as well as many other aspects that will not be discussed herein. If you must know why they weren't included it is for the simple reason that too much information can be very boring. This information is from a report written by a scientist for scientists. Informative? Yes. Dull? Well, did I mention it was VERY informative? I've done my best to bring you the nitty-gritty and weed out the superfluous.


Is Glucos-BalanceTM Safe For Non-Diabetics?
A two-part clinical study was conducted by Dr. William V. Judy and divided into an acute and chronic study. The objective was to confirm the physiological effect of the triterpenoid active ingredient Corosolic acid on non-diabetics. Glucos-BalanceTM is an important nutrient for blood glucose balance for Type II diabetics. Recent studies have indicated the importance of blood glucose balance for good health. This premise was the basis for determining Glucos-BalanceTM effects on non-diabetics. Research focused on the benefits and safety of Glucos-BalanceTM for normal subjects.

What was learned from these studies?
The results of acute study in normal volunteer subjects shows their blood sugar levels remain in the normal range of 65 to 110 mg/dL both before or after a 30-day supplementation with a daily dose of 48 mg of Glucos-BalanceTM. These results indicate blood glucose levels are not affected by Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation in normal subjects.

During the acute study, a 60 g glucose challenge was performed. The rate of glucose transport from the blood to cells remained the same at the beginning (45.7 plus or minus 6.6 mg/dL/hr) and at the end of 30-day Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation (47.5 plus or minus 6.9 mg/dL/hr). The spike in blood glucose after 60 g glucose ingestion was the same at the beginning (97 plus or minus 12.4 mg/dL) and at the end (100 plus or minus 13.3 mg/dL/hr) of 30-day Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation. The glucose transport rates were measures from the slopes of the blood glucose spike curve.

This suggests Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation does not alter the glucose transport rate from blood stream to target cells in normal subjects.

Together, both parts of the acute study confirm normal subjects on a 30-day Glucos-BalanceTM regimen do not show alteration in rates of glucose transport from blood to target cells. Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation is safe without any adverse effects, such as hypoglycemia, even during extended periods (14-16 hours) of fasting.

The chronic portion of the study for 30-day supplementation of Glucos-BalanceTM at 48 mg/day, confirms Glucos-BalanceTM does not affect the normal range of blood sugar in non-diabetic individuals. It does not cause any hypoglycemia, except for a transient drop at day 7. Blood chemistry and hematology profiles of subjects before and after 30-day Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation at 48 mg/day suggests no significant changes in blood chemistry in normal volunteers. These results again indicate Glucos-BalanceTM is safe and does not alter blood chemistry and glucose transport in normal individuals.

Glucos-Balance and its active ingredient, Corosolic Acid, are proven safe and effective for consumption by normal subjects.

How does Glucos-Balance affect type affect Type II Diabetics?

What Was Gained From The Study?
The results of the double-blind, randomized, cross-over study demonstrates an oral dose of Glucos-BalanceTM is effective in reducing blood glucose levels for Type II diabetics, with no signs of adverse effects.

The average blood glucose level in the control group was 168.3 mg/dL and the soft gelatin capsule formulation caused a rapid drop to an average value of 127.2 mg/dL at the 15th day and to 115.1 mg/dL at the 30th day of Glucos-BalanceTM treatment. During the washout period, the recovery of the blood glucose level was slow (131.7 mg/dL at 15th day, 153.2 mg/dL at 30th day of washout period) and recovering to 168.2 mg/dL at the 45th day of washout. The washout period blood glucose levels suggest a memory effect of Glucos-BalanceTM for up to four weeks, even after the termination of the supplement.


How Does Glucos-BalanceTM Work?
Cell membranes of mammalian tissues contain several types of glucose transporters. Glucose transporters regulate the level of intracellular glucose playing an important role in cell energy function.

Corosolic acid, the active ingredient in Glucos-BalanceTM, showed a significant glucose transport-stimulating, at a concentration of 1 uM. A recent report indicates that oral administration of Corosolic acid in normo-glycemic rats resulted in a hypoglycemic effect.

How Is Glucos-BalanceTM Different From Insulin?
Glucose transporters are important in regulating the level of intracellular glucose. Insulin increases glucose transporter activity. However, insulin is temperature insensitive. Oral administration of insulin does not produce hypoglycemia,or drop in blood sugar level, whereas Glucos-BalanceTM does show hypoglycemic effect in diabetics. Large doses of insulin, injected parenterally, produce convulsions or death. Oral doses of Glucos-BalanceTM do not have any side effects. Glucos-BalanceTM is a phyto-insulin or considered insulin-like principle.


What Are the Health Applications of Glucos-BalanceTM?
Dr. William Judy's U.S. clinical trials confirm the 1998 Japanese clinical study results where Glucos-BalanceTM was effective in lowering blood glucose levels in Type II diabetics. Glucos-BalanceTM is a clinically proven natural product for activating cell glucose-transporter "shuttles" helping to balance blood glucose levels. This all-natural supplement shows a memory effect of blood glucose lowering even after the supplementation is ceased. An oil- based Glucos-BalanceTM formulation in a soft gelatin capsule appears to be relatively more efficient in lowering blood glucose levels, perhaps though increased absorption.

Glucos-BalanceTM also delivers a strong antioxidant protection, helps maintain low blood pressure, and benefits kidney function. The preceding discusses three significant applications for Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation.


How Does Glucos-BalanceTM Regain Blood Glucose Balance?
Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation is effective for regaining blood glucose balance in adult onset diabetes (Type II) compared to pre-supplement controls. Steeper decline in blood glucose levels and maintenance of lower blood glucose levels are evident in Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation Fig. 11 compared to control conditions. Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation shows sharper decline in blood glucose level after a meal resembling normoglycemic profile compared to the slow decline observed in (diabetic) untreated controlled condition.


Will Glucos-BalanceTM Help Type II Diabetics Lose Weight?
Subjects receiving the oil-based Glucos-BalanceTM formulation in a soft gelatin capsule seem to show an increased tendency of weight loss (an average weight loss of 3.2 pounds) than a dry-powder based Glucos-BalanceTM formulation (an average weight loss of 2.6 pounds). The positive feature is a weight loss without a regulated diet or exercise program. Transient hypoglycemic effects suggest Glucos-BalanceTM lowers blood sugar and thereby causing a natural release of the hormone, Glucagon, by the alpha cells in the Islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. Glucagon hormone stimulates the breakdown of fat stores (adipose cells) to free fatty acids. These fatty acids are converted into glycerol and subsequently into glucose by the liver and released into the blood as the second part of the blood sugar regulatory mechanism. Glucos-BalanceTM may be efficiently aiding in transporting these blood sugars into cells for conversion to energy.

The addition of a restricted diet and regular exercise promoted a greater weight loss. Type II diabetic patients on a restricted calorie diet and a cardiovascular exercise regimen were able to lose greater amounts of weight during Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation. Subjects lost an average of 4.8 pounds in a 30-day period.

Will Glucos-BalanceTM Help Non-Diabetics Lose Weight?
The significant effect of a 30-day supplementation of Glucos-BalanceTM at 48 mg/day in normal subjects seems to be in the weight loss. After 15- and 30-day supplementation of Glucos-BalanceTM, the mean body weight-loss was 1.25 plus or minus 0.6 and 2.4 plus or minus 0.8 pounds, respectively. A remarkable finding is that two weeks after stopping Fig. 13 of Glucos-BalanceTM supplementation, an average weight loss 2.6 plus or minus 0.4 pounds was measured in these normal subjects. Glucos-BalanceTM, given acutely or chronically, is completely safe and does not induce a significant hypoglycemic effect in normal individuals, nor does it influence the transport rate of glucose from blood to target cells, as previously observed when Glucos-BalanceTM was tested in Type II diabetic patients. Weight loss in normal subjects may be induced by the Glucagon mechanism noted in Type II diabetic patients.

Glucos-BalanceTM is the herbal answer for weight loss and blood glucose maintenance. Discover how Glucos-BalanceTM can work as a solo formula or can be combined into a custom diabetic formulation.

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This article is reprinted with permission from Vitamin Retailer magazine and is provided for educational purposes only by your local retailer. No part of this article is intended as medical advice. Always consult your health care provider for any medical problems. If you have or suspect an illness or have a health concern, always consult with your physician or health care provider. We have used our best judgment in compiling this information, however, the information presented may not have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any reference to a specific product is for your information only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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