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How does Vale's Original Formula work?
None of our products mask. If that was all they did, they wouldn.t be of much use to people who want to get rid of toxins. Our products actually help the body eliminate toxins. To illustrate how they work, think of them like a sponge that sets up in the urinary system. As your body sends toxins from the cleansing organs into the urinary system, these products absorb them. When you urinate after consuming the product (the first two or three times) you get rid of the sponge and the toxins that sponge absorbed. What.s important to understand, however, is that this sponge is as large as we can make it and still allow it and the toxins it absorbs to get out of the body. If you are extremely toxic or do not stay away from toxins for at least 48 hours prior to using this product, your body may send more toxins to the urinary system than our product can absorb. If that happens (and this is extremely rare if you avoid toxins for at least 48 hours prior to using the product), some toxins may escape being absorbed.

The urinary system is a receptacle for toxins your body is trying to eliminate, so even if you clean it, it will get dirty again as the cleansing organs continue to send toxins to it.

For Vale.s Original Formula, it takes two hours to help the urinary system get as clean as possible. After those two hours it immediately starts getting dirty again. Our research has found that right after the two hour wait, Vale.s Original Formula has done the best it can do and over the next four to five hours your urinary system will get dirtier and dirtier again and then eventually return to .normal.

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