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What makes Silver 100 Spray different?
"Colloidal. silver" consists of particles of silver which are largely made up of inert, atomic silver and/or oxides, but which contain some silver ions spread through them. When introduced to the body, the idea is for these colloidal silver particles to release silver ions as the body.s chemistry breaks down the particles, affording the opportunity for mobility through the system and a gradual release of silver ions in the system. There are serious limitations involved with colloidal silver, however. Often, only a fraction of the silver is delivered as ions. Further, as the silver content, or .ppm., increases, the percentage of ions goes down. At levels exceeding about 15-20 ppm, most colloidal silver delilvers no ions at all - anything over 15-20 ppm delivers just inert, atomic silver with no ions. The electrolysis method used to make colloidal silver does not lend itself to consistency from batch to batch or bottle to bottle in terms of the number of particles, the size s of the particles, or the percentage delivered as ions. Silver oxide and silver hydroxide often result, sometimes giving colloidal silver products a yellow or brown color. The stability (shelf life) of colloidal silver is limited since the silver is not dissolved in solution in the water. Some products are called ionic silver or silver water but usually consist of either simply colloidal silver or of free ions of silver in water with no delivery system for the ions.Silver 100" with Opti-Silver" utilizes an entirely new approach to silver ion delivery. It is designed to overcome all the limitations of colloidal silver. It utilizes a proprietary method of complexing silver ions with a special form of citrate in order to temporarily "plug up". the missing electron positions on the silver ions. Citrate is a key constituent of the metabolic system and is aggressively drawn into the cells of the body. Silver 100" is designed to gradually decomplex, and thereby release silver ions, after being absorbed into the system. It is designed to deliver a ll of its silver as ions (colloidal silver often delivers only a fraction of its silver as ions). Silver 100" is made through an entirely different process than is colloidal silver, using no electrolysis. It is extremely consistent from drop to drop, has no oxides, and has an almost infinite shelf life under normal conditions since the ingredients are actually dissolved in solution in the water and are designed to remain very stable until being exposed to the body's chemistry.

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