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Additional Information on Vale's Daily Cleansing Formula
What are toxins ?
Toxins are simply any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects on the body. They're anything that your body no longer has any use for or that your body never wanted in it at all. In short, toxins are substances your body wants to eliminate and usually does through normal eliminatory channels. Toxins can be natural or man made. They can accumulate in the body and decrease your energy level and make you more prone to disease.

A toxin can be absorbed through the skin, ingested by breathing or swallowing, or it can directly enter your blood stream. Once it's in your body, a toxin can be stored, metabolized, or expelled. Obviously, the worst thing you can do is keep a toxin stored and active in your body. At the very least you want to get to a balanced state of bioaccumulation, so the amount of toxins you ingest is always less than or equal to the amount of toxins you can expel or metabolize. Otherwise, you are in a state of increased bioconcentration, which means the amount of toxins you have in your system is more than the normal environmental level. Then the toxins enter your body's cells. And this is when they begin to have an adverse effect.

But how do toxins hurt the human body? You see, the body should be in a state of to adjust to all environmental changes. For instance, when we are hot, we sweat which cools the body.s core. When we cannot adjust to internal or external changes, the body begins to show signs of discomfort. Toxic overload can cause disease and the symptoms will vary according to the type of agent that has been introduced into the body, and which system or systems it affects. Any toxin changes the effectiveness and speed of bodily functions it changes the body at a cellular level. In fact, aging is partially an accumulation of toxins in the cells. These toxins gradually slow down cell regeneration and increase cell breakdown.

The good news is your body has incredibly efficient mechanisms for eliminating toxins and most toxic damage can be undone. The bad news is your body has only a certain number of responses to toxic stresses. And when one system in the body is damaged, most other systems will suffer. Bodily functions are, after all, incredibly interdependent. You need to keep your body and its organs working effectively. And you can only do that by eliminating toxins.

But toxins are pervasive and removing them may not be so easy. They can be in our air, food and water. That's where Vale can help. If you do your part maintaining an exercise regimen and a nutritious diet.our purifying products can help remove toxins effectively.

If you choose to eliminate toxins, you've taken an important first step toward a healthy future.

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