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Additional Information on Fat Absorber
  • Q. How much should I take?
  • A. Resultant weight loss in Vanson's clinical trial was based on 1 & 1/2 grams of LipoSan ULTRA® per fatty meal.
  • Q. Will I lose more if I take more?
  • A. There is a point of diminishing return in the consumption of any chitosan, and LipoSan ULTRA is no exception. Due to stomach volume, the most effective dosage is 1 to 2 grams of LipoSan per fatty meal, accompanied by 8 oz of water. More than 2 grams will most likely result in non-solubolized product. The non-solubolized material will not absorb any fat.
  • Q. Do I need to take LipoSan at every meal?
  • A. One of the attractive aspects of LipoSan is that it is a meal specific dosage product. LipoSan is NOT systemic. LipoSan needs to be taken only when sitting down to a fatty meal.
  • A. Please note that oil based vitamins should be taken 4 hours prior to, or 4 hours after taking chitosan. Though we have no clinical proof that LipoSan will interfere with the uptake of these vitamins, the logical assumption is that it would.
  • Q. How much weight can I expect to lose by taking LipoSan Ultra?
  • A. Although results will differ with different individuals, we were able to demonstrate a statistically significant 5 lb weight differential over eight weeks between test subjects taking LipoSan Ultra and those taking a placebo. The testing involved 59 women in a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study.
  • Q. Do I have to diet and exercise to lose weight with LipoSan Ultra?
  • A. The simple answer is no as proven in our clinical study. The women in the study were weight stable for six months prior to the study and, during the study, ate their normal diet. At least 35% of their caloric intake was from fat. They also maintained their normal lifestyle with respect to exercise. The women taking 1.5 grams of LipoSan Ultra at lunch and dinner lost weight and the women taking placebo gained weight. Thus, you can lose weight without a reduced caloric diet or additional exercise. However, you can lose weight more effectively if you reduce calories and exercise and take LipoSan Ultra. If you have tried to reduce calories and exercise more but just couldn't seem to do enough to really lose weight, than LipoSan Ultra may be just enough to make a real difference.
  • Q. Can I pig out and still lose weight?
  • A. Absolutely not! LipoSan Ultra is not a license to eat more. If you are weight stable and eat the same amount and type of food, it is possible to lose weight taking LipoSan Ultra at lunch and dinner. However, if you eat more and take LipoSan Ultra, you will either remain at the same weight or, most likely, gain weight.

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