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Arousal Pheromones (53214)   10 ml  Price:$59.95  
Arousal Pheromones
 Serving Size: 1 Drop
 Servings per container:

10 mg Androstenone per bottle

On sale for a limited time!
SAVE $20.00 a bottle.

10 mg Androstenone per 10 ml bottle

Ever wonder how totally unattractive guy gets beautiful women? It's not his money - it's pheromones!

Ever wonder what makes the alpha male dominate? It's not self confidence - it's pheromones!

Pheromones are invisible and undetectable, when unknowingly inhaled by women, they will send out a natural chemical signal of sex appeal to women that will compel them towards you and make you irresistible to them.

Androstenone Pheromone is the proven ingredient that creates an instinctual attraction in women. Arousal Pheromone contains 10 ml per bottle, the highest potency of Androstenone Pheromone available anywhere!

What are pheromones?
Pheromones are chemical substances produced by animals (including humans) and serve as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species. Over time, humans have seemed to lose the capacity to detect pheromones consciously. Researchers have found that our perception of pheromones is still there but on a subconscious level and they still dictate human sexual interaction.

In humans pheromones are secreted though the sweat glands. Dominate males produce more of the pheromone androstenone than submissive males. Males submitting more of the pheromone androstenone attract more females and enjoy more conquests than do males producing smaller amounts of the pheromone.

Bathing and antiperspirants wash away or prohibit pheromone production. Thus the invention of men's cologne and after shave, to replace men's natural "scent". Although colognes and after-shaves have pleasant aromas they lack the vital ingredient - androstenone. Colognes and after-shave often contain musk and other animal pheromones. Musk may attract a deer but, it doesn't do much to attract the ladies.

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Arousal Pheromones (53214)   10 ml  Price:$59.95  

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